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This page is published by the Historical Archives in Dragoer, Denmark.

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The archives is a part of the local Museum on Amager. In this article you can learn more about one of its exhibitions.

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Links to sources in English on this website

The story of some immigrants:
From Dragoer to Australia.

An overview of the german occupation in Dragoer and Store Magleby 1940-1945.

The story of Ellen Nielsen – a danish woman from the danish resistance, who helped danish jews to Sweden i 1943.

The story of the Dragør-baker Georg Ibsen, who also helped the fleeing jews.

Learn how historical photographs changed the history of the allied liberation of Denmark in 1945: Pegasus and the Jousting Knight

Download a leaflet with information on the painter Christian Mølsted, who lived all his life in Dragør.

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